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Homeless Dynamics

There are approximately 4.1 million youth and young adults that experience short or long term homelessness every year.  More than 700,000 are ages 13-25.  Current estimates show more than 40,000 youth experience some form of homelessness on a daily basis.

There are many factors that increase a young person’s odds of experiencing homelessness. Demographic risk factors include being Hispanic or black; single parent or unmarried.  LGBTQ youth have more than twice the risk of being homeless than their cisgender or heterosexual peers.

The Congressional Research Service published a March 2019 report that identified family dynamics or conflicts, sexual activity or orientation, problems at school, substance abuse and pregnancy, as the main risk factors for youth homelessness.

The report also stated that females are more likely than males to run away.  Among black, white and Hispanic youth, it is black youth that have the highest rates of running away with about 50% running away before age 14.

Contributing Factors

69% of homeless youth report mental health problems while 33% were part of the foster care system at some point.  An estimated 50% of homeless youth were in the juvenile justice system, jail or detention.

The lack of a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) is the number one consistent factor for higher risk levels of youth homelessness.  27% of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTG) youth who are homeless, had exchanged sex for basic needs, compared to 9% of non-LGBTQ youth who have exchanged sex for basic needs.

62% of LGBTQ youth said they were physically harmed while homeless compared to 47% of non-LGBTQ youth who said they were physically harmed while homeless.      

A New Tomorrow

With a team of volunteers, our first step is to get them off the street through our temporary housing system.  Immediate solutions include tiny homes and portable homes.  This allows for more flexibility, innovation and efficiency in serving this market.  

There are experienced counselors, life skill coaches, mentors, mental health professionals and a comprehensive support system to help stabilize their circumstances and navigate a new beginning.  

We continually work towards family reunification and encourage parental input and participation, although this is not always possible. For those age 14-18, getting their education back on track is our next step.  Either GED or full graduation, we work with local agencies, tutors and educators, to get our young clients back in the classroom.   



Digital Employment

Our 18-25 year old clients can begin job training as an apprentice in the NTF system.  They receive hands on training in all aspects of digital marketing including promotion, content creation, podcasts, website design, coding, influencers and much more.  

There are over 21 different business models and counting, for those who prefer the structure of a 9-5 schedule.  They also receive continual life skills training such as credit management, savings and investment plan.   


Comprehensive Support

Innovative Gig market opportunities within the new digital economy, creates a flexibility for earning potential for our clients while taking a major first step towards self-sufficiency and personal responsibility.

Our volunteer system can be very helpful to this group.  Talking and spending time with people their own age as well as peer mentors and people that genuinely care about their success.  

With a comprehensive support system and proper economic planning and guidance, this population can stand on their own accomplishments and create a new beginning for themselves and/or their family.   


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