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The National Task Force (NTF) is a consolidation of individuals, organizations and companies, driven by their passion to breakthrough barriers of socio-economic inequality in marginalized communities.

Disrupting inequality by creating, funding and building new innovations for employment and housing that directly impact BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and the disenfranchised.

Working together under the NTF blueprint, members of disadvantaged communities can begin to chart a new pathway for themselves and their families, in the fast growing digital economy.


The National Task Force (NTF) is funded by strong membership revenue.  The reason is simple.  The more people that participate on any level, the more “right now” solutions can be created for the markets we serve.

For example, every 1,000 members in the NTF system, creates tens of thousands of dollars per month, directed towards childcare, job creation, affordable housing, new business development and more, specifically in communities in need.

Whole communities can improve their own circumstances through basic participation in the NTF system.  This levels the playing field of opportunity down to the grassroots stage and creates new pathways to self-sustainability.


Weaponizing capitalism is spending with a purpose to achieve an economic goal.  The National Task Force (NTF) consolidates a micro portion of the tremendous spending power of communities through membership.

Membership dollars generate the revenue to fund “right now” community initiatives such as childcare and job creation.  Joining Forces through NTF membership, creates an immediate impact at the grassroots level for disadvantaged communities and their families.

This means every dollar spent in the NTF is like making a micro-investment into your community.  This creates an ecosystem of spending by the community, which funds socio-economic initiatives for the community.  

Employment innovations such as social entrepreneurs, podcast production, computer coding, content creators, website design, influencers and digital gig market, are exploding in the new economy! 

By Joining Forces, we are preparing a new pathway for BIPOC and disenfranchised communities to compete.  All made possible by spending with a purpose, through basic membership, in the NTF.


Active members can generate a Privatized Universal Basic Income (PUBI) for themselves.  This is a monthly stimulus up to $2,500 (to start), designed to reward your participation as a NTF member.

Use our automated digital platform to promote, inform, discuss and spread the news about “right now” solutions within the NTF system! 

Your efforts ignite an ecosystem of revenue generation for community development.  This empowers each individual, regardless of background, to begin to lift themselves up from years of neglect, abuse and systemic inequality.

Increase your PUBI by your own efforts, which increases community revenue for new initiatives.  In other words, Your actions are the Catalyst for Change as a Valued Member of the NTF!

WHY THE                               NATIONAL TASK FORCE (NFT)?

The National Task Force (NTF) is an opportunity for whole communities to fund their own recovery, one member at a time.  Every membership adds value to the system and welcomes one more soldier to the digital army for social justice.  Working as a consolidated unit is the key.

As few as 6,000 active NTF members in your city, generates over $200,000/mo. to fund and implement  “right now” local initiatives!

So why the NTF?  Because communities can self-sustain themselves and create the socio-economic solutions they need, by their own spending power!


There are approximately 40 million African Americans and 50 million Hispanics in the United States.  These are the 2 largest sectors of our target market, that have been the most affected by mass incarceration, economic and social suppression, racism and many other barriers that hinder their quest for equality and equal justice.   

                                                                                                      The NTF opens wide the doors of opportunity for this enormous market, without regard to background, education, age or experience.  In the NTF system, active members of our target markets can lift themselves up by their own efforts.

So why the NTF?  Because it removes the barriers to economic inclusion for those who want to improve their circumstances.  Utilizing their own human capital potential to build a better quality of life for themselves, their families and their community.


For those passionate about a cause, social injustice, starting/supporting a business or building a revenue stream for your organization, your NTF membership opens new opportunities to move you a step closer to your goals.

Innovative funding sources, management services, back office administration and more, are just a few of the tools designed to help our members get their vision off the ground or reach the next level.

Social advocates can generate a growing revenue stream to fund their drive for solutions to climate change, child care, women’s rights, systemic racism and many other urgent needs facing people in underserved  communities.

Now is your opportunity to start, grow, fund or expand Your Vision of what Equality looks like!  Together, let’s Make it Happen!



Social Entrepreneurs are the marketing and promotion system within the NTF design.  Building a revenue source for themselves by informing, engaging and promoting, the socio-economic solutions of the system.

Working together within the NTF system to achieve your vision, creates an ecosystem of new opportunities that benefits entire communities!  It all starts with You!

The NTF is building the infrastructure, to train thousands of social entrepreneurs, how to run their own business in the digital marketplace!  This is just the beginning. 

As part of the digital gig economy, Social Entrepreneurs are opening the door to new possibilities for the markets we serve.  Breaking through barriers of education, past history or experience.     

Are You Ready?  Your success inspires others to follow in your footsteps!  Build Your Own Pathway Today!