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Technology has changed the game in terms of how you can make the difference for local disenfranchised citizens.  In addition to volunteers and donations, good old fashioned word of mouth publicity still generates a tremendous benefit to our efforts in your community.

Send people direct to our website and our automated system can take it from there.  The key is simply to get the word out to those who want to help and those who need help, now!  They are looking for you!

Most people are happy to support local causes that improves their community such as homeless solutions or helping single mothers.  Your one and only job is to let them know we are here!


While your donation may change the direction of someone’s life, your word of mouth promotion could create 10x the impact!  If you know someone struggling to make ends meet or a single mom or a veteran, let them know a pathway is available.

You may know someone we could never reach except through your voice.  Your participation with us on any level, could Make the Difference that leads someone to improve their circumstances on the Pathway to Self Reliance.

Together, we have the opportunity to change lives, change families and change your community, all because of the participation of people like you!


PGI is part of a national consortium, dedicated to “right now” solutions, specific to the BIPOC population and the disadvantaged in general.

Returning citizens are a disenfranchised population of 73+ million U.S. citizens to date.  It is our mission at PGI, to expand the avenue of service delivery, to reach down to the grassroots level of those in need.  

  A comprehensive socio-economic pathway is necessary to meet the needs and open the doors of self sufficiency, for this enormous market.  

That is where the TME-Systems project comes into play.  A hybrid model of “right now” economic opportunities that promotes self-sufficiency and social service innovation.