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A New Beginning For Returning Citizens

Slowing the Prison Pipeline

Statistics show Three Strikes Legislation and Mandatory Sentencing laws herd primarily poor and minority youth into the hands of the private prison enterprise. Most are arrested for low-level non-violent offenses such as the child who was expelled for having aspirin in school.

Slowing the school to prison pipeline is a major concern of Primary Group Inc.  Initial Legal Defense Members can receive advice and have legal protection for their children on a wide range of issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Initial Legal Defense System can slow down the pipeline that is feeding young minority children to an unjust system.  Working with local agencies to implement options to incarceration such as fines, work programs or community service.

Prisons For Profit

The Initial Legal Defense System can also work to reduce the grip of the Prison Industry Complex. Private prisons receive $22,000 – $50,000 per inmate per year. Private prisons have a monetary incentive to lobby hard for longer sentences and tougher drug laws even for low level offences.  An inmate is 8x more likely to have his sentence extended in a private prison for a minor infraction than in state run facilities.

Private prison labor is “contracted out” to major corporations.  Public pressure has forced some improvements in pay, however it is not the same across the board.  Many have described this as a system of “modern involuntary servitude” disguised as prison release work programs. Inmates make everything from computers to tires to clothing. So in reality, inmates are an extremely inexpensive labor force.

At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations. Corporations can avoid paying employment taxes, payrolls taxes, benefits and social security because they mount their operations inside the prisons. This also subtracts jobs from the private sector as a much cheaper alternative to corporate labor.

To make the difference, PGI addresses the issue of proper legal representation prior to incarceration and access to more effective social and legal services upon release. This strongly contributes to a successful re-integration.  


How Does My Donation Help?

Your donation helps in 2 ways.  First, it helps to train and individual how to build an income source for themselves in the digital economy to improve their living conditions and quality of life.  Everyone, including returning citizens, can compete on a level playing field of opportunity to reach their personal and economic goals.

Second, your donations help pay for prototypes that support the scalability of our approach.  Prototypes that also draw attention to the fact that “right now” legal and socio-economic solutions are available and can be implemented on a large scale to serve disenfranchised markets.    

The New Gig Market

The COVID pandemic forced the entire globe to shift into a more remote, digital economy a lot faster than expected.  The end result was a lot of companies discovered they were more efficient for less cost. Zoom meetings and working from home is not only still the norm, but the digital industry is exploding!  

Social entrepreneurs are the next wave of innovation for employment and business ownership in the digital economy.  A social entrepreneur is an individual, business or organization, that participates, supports and/or promotes socio-economic solutions for disenfranchised communities.

As an apprentice, our clients receive hands on training in all aspects of digital marketing including promotion, content creation, podcasts, website design, coding and much more.  They also receive ongoing business training, credit management and finance training, complete with business mentors/consultants.

Affordable Legal Protection!

Members of our Initial Legal Defense System now have access to affordable legal protection.  From investigation after the fact to legal representation throughout your case, regardless of economic status.

Originally designed to help defend the rights of returning citizens, now more than ever, members of disenfranchised communities can afford legal representation before they need it.

Members will soon enjoy an extra layer of protection as new technology will allow every interaction to have an audio/video record available.

Help End Mass Incarceration!

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