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Economic Development



Under the umbrella of the National Task Force (NTF), strong membership revenue creates new employment opportunities by creating, funding and building new businesses specifically to employ the disenfranchised from the grassroots level. 

There are currently over 21 business models to create immediate employment in local communities with several more in the final development stage.  

The exploding digital economy is opening up entire new industries and changing the face of traditional 9-5 employment for the markets we serve.     


As a national digital platform, the NTF is creating a growing list of opportunities in the digital arena.  Public speakers, trainers, promoters, social media managers, IT development. drone technology and a wide range of interns and support staff.  

This is just the beginning!  With the rapid growth of the digital platform industry, there is more opportunity now than ever before, to prepare our target markets for the jobs of tomorrow.  

The NTF Economic Development System.  Changing the Game in your community, one member at a time!

Breaking Through Barriers

The problem most non-profit organizations on the front lines run into, is the fact they can only help so many people at a time.  It is difficult to grow and expand funding sources and many are constantly understaffed and underfunded.

For every person that is helped, there are thousands more they simply do not have the resources or the infrastructure to reach.  This is where we can help break through those barriers. 

Our focus is to help create funding sources, human capital and infrastructure, that may be preventing a member organization from moving to the next level.  Working together, we look to help expand their vision with innovative pathways to reach organizational goals.   


Many local businesses lack the capital, credit or customer base to grow.  NTF Business members receive promotional services, build business credit, back office administration support and supplemental revenue development.    Breaking through a multitude of economic barriers faced by disadvantaged business owners everyday.