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MICRO Donation systems


Your donations support a wide range of community issues.  You can donate to a particular campaign or directly to the organization.  While we do seek, need and appreciate large donations, it is the micro donors that have been the  foundation of our growth and sustainability. 

There are millions of people affected and concerned about mass incarceration, poverty, veterans, single mothers, homelessness, police brutality, social justice, domestic violence and many other social concerns.  

While all donations make a difference and are deeply appreciated, steady donations of $35 – $50 create an immediate impact for these populations to improve their own Quality of Life through innovative solutions and opportunities specific to them and/or their family circumstances.        


In other words, helping is not enough.  We believe in helping plus a comprehensive system of sustainability. We start with immediate solutions to the economic and social condition of the client as of today.  

A step by step process to help each client on their pathway to self reliance.  All made possible by concerned communities searching for “right now” solutions.  

From mental health to financial guidance to life skills coaches and mentors.  Your donation could set someone in need, on a pathway to better circumstances.  Be the difference




Micro donations alone, by enough people, could raise the funding for affordable housing solutions, revenue development and entry level employment for this market.  

Gig market innovations and remote employment, opens new opportunities that rewards the efforts of members of  disenfranchised communities.  

We believe it is time for a new approach that meets these challenges directly.  Delivering the maximum impact for our clients and for your donation dollar.