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Affordable Housing and Socio-Economics!

Your donation helps returning citizens get the training they need to qualify for livable wage employment and/or create revenue streams for themselves in the digital marketplace as social entrepreneurs.  Employment leads to housing and housing leads to family reunification.  

Rebuilding of the family unit is essential to the health and well being of the children of incarcerated parents and acts as a strong barrier against recidivism.  Employment, housing and a family support system are 3 of the most important pillars necessary for a successful reentry.  

Your donation creates the catalyst that starts the process, one returning citizen at a time.  When you donate 30 days worth of training ($145), you can follow the progress of the person your impact donation along the way.  

You will receive monthly updates of the person your donation helped.  Follow their success every step of the way knowing that you helped open the door for their second chance.

Infrastructures Of Opportunity

Your donation helps expand a comprehensive system for successful reintegration nationwide.  With a target market of  over 73 million people with a felony or misdemeanor on their record, there are tens of thousands of returning citizens in each state.  

Building social infrastructures of opportunity for the markets we serve, is foundational to the mission of Primary Group Inc.  Innovation in support services all under one roof, creates pathways to a better quality of life for our clients and their families including: 

  • Mentors
  • Life Skills coaches
  • financial literacy
  • livable wage employment
  • education
  • restored voting rights
  • self sufficiency
  • new taxpayers


Every $145 in donations helps train a returning citizen as a social entrepreneur in the fast growing digital economy.  

Creating a pathway for others to follow while bringing a new hope and opportunity to their communities.   

 Will you Make the difference in someone’s life Today?


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