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Quality of Life
Quality of Life

Primary Group Inc. was originally founded in 2006 by Java Partners as a research and development organization. PGI’s purpose was to discover why such a large disparity continues to exist in the Economic and Social culture of People of Color.

Inequities in Criminal Justice plus crushing Economic and Social inequality, has greatly contributed to a disenfranchised population of 73+ million U.S. citizens. This continues to be a permanent stain globally in the fight for equality.

Deeper research revealed stunning inequities to various groups in society including People of color, Native American, Indigenous, Aboriginal Tribes, foster kids teachers, retired, veterans, undocumented workers, dreamers, and so many more.

We then expanded our mission to include Economic/Social Justice and Equality. With a focus on solutions, it quickly became evident a more effective and wide reaching approach was necessary.

Embracing Social Enterprise, we determined a System was needed that included the very people we serve as Part of the solution.

We achieved that goal with the design of the National Task Force, powered by TME-Systems. An Economic/Social Pathway to a Better Quality of Life for Disenfranchised Communities.